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Q.1. What type of artwork do you exhibit?
Ans. LemonJuice exhibits original art created by top new and established artists from across the world. We display most two-dimensional and three-dimensional media.

Q. 2. How is artwork chosen for LemonJuice?
Ans. We represent a group of most talented artists worldwide. LemonJuice’s panel of curators selects each artist and every piece we exhibit. Our curators are art business professionals who select the highest quality work for exhibition.

Q. 4. Why can I not find the cost of shipping?
Ans. The price shown to the customer is the final price and there are no additional costs or fees.If there would be a shipping cost, you would find it explicitly.

Q. 5. Once I purchase a piece of art, how many days will it take to arrive?
Ans.Artwork is typically shipped within five to seven business days. Once your artwork is shipped, please allow two to three weeks – your newly acquired art piece may be located anywhere in the world. You will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see the status of the shipping. If you need artwork delivered on a tight deadline, please contact us before placing your order at support@lemonjuice.com. so that we can arrange expedited shipping.

Q. 6. May I return a piece of artwork if it does not meet my expectations?
Ans.LemonJuice offers a seven-day money back guarantee on all artwork. In the event that your purchase does not meet your expectations, you may return it within seven days of receiving the item. We will issue you a full refund or credit on the price of the art, though you need to pay for the return shipping. You must use the original packaging for return shipping, so please keep as undamaged as possible.
You will get your money back as soon as the art piece returns undamaged to its original location. This relates both to original art works as well as to art prints.

Q. 7. How do I return a piece of artwork?
Ans.Our return process is easy. When you receive your purchase, save the original packaging. Repack the art in its original box and contact us at support@lemonjuice.com. We will then send you a shipping label to affix to the box. You may use any shipping company that you desire. Items must be shipped within seven days of receiving the order. You need to sent us a tracking number that you receive from the shipping company.
Art pieces that are returned damaged will not be refunded. Photographs that are returned wrinkled, dented, or smudged due to mishandling will incur

Q. 8. What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?
Ans.If you receive a damaged piece of art, contact us within 24 hours at support@LemonJuice.com. You need to send us photos of the damage and of the packing.
Please save the box and all packaging material; we must have these items in order to process the claim to the insurance company.

Q. 9. Do you ship internationally?
Ans.Yes. We are happy to ship artwork from anywhere to any destination in the world.

Q. 10. What forms of payment do you accept? Will I be charged tax?
Ans.As for now, LemonJuice accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s and PayPal.Customs charges or VAT on imports of goods may apply, depending on your country’s regulations.

Q. 11 May I apply multiple discounts to the same order?
Ans.You may only use one discount per order.Artwork that appears in a Deal is not eligible for additional discounts.

Q. 12 What is the “Virtual wall” feature? How do I use it?
LemonJuice features a way to preview your art selections before you make a purchase. The view on virtual wall feature, allows you to see how a particular piece of art will look on a wall similar to the one you got. When you click on view on virtual wall, a page will appear prompting you to select the color of your wall and floor. The piece of art will automatically be scaled to fit your specific wall. You then have the ability to move the artwork and the furniture around.

Q. 13 What does “Limited edition” and “Open edition” mean?
Ans.Most pieces of artwork on LemonJuice are labeled as “limited edition”. Pieces that are in a limited edition may be produced in a set of limited quantity.Open edition artworks are not limited in quantity and can be reproduced indefinitely. In both cases, each piece in the edition is identical and is considered an original. Limited edition works are generally more valuable than unlimited because of the limited number available, much as xxxxx prints.

Q. 14. Does LemonJuice provide printing on different substrates and framing services?
Ans.We offer quality printing on photo paper, canvas, acrylic sheets, etc.
We also offer framing for prints on photo paper and canvas.
Our prints are created in very high quality printers. It is archival pigment prints, made with the most technologically advanced digital printers, using long lasting, stable inks on 100% cotton rag paper.

Q. 15. Does LemonJuice have a physical gallery location?
Ans.We do not operate a physical gallery; however we plan to participate in art fairs. If you would like information about our next event, please sign up for our newsletter.

Q. 16. How can I contact LemonJuice?
Ans.Email: contact@lemonjuice.comand we will contact you ASAP. Another possibility is to use the chat functionality.

Q. 17. How does LemonJuice price artwork?
Ans.Artwork is priced using artist input and the expertise of our curators. When artists submit images of their work, they are asked to enter desired prices for each piece. That price is then compared to LemonJuice’s curator appraisal.

Q. 18.Is the artwork exhibited at LemonJuice a financial investment?
Ans. LemonJuice encourages art patrons to purchase artwork for enjoyment and aesthetic values. However, art can be a financial investment as the demand for a particular artist and/or piece of artwork grows. For more information regarding this subject, refer to the MEI/”Moses Fine Art Index” explaining the appreciation of art as a financial investment.

Q. 19.. Are LemonJuice artworks signed by the artist?
Ans.No, the actual art itself does not need to be signed. The artist signs a LemonJuice Certificate of Authenticity that includes the artwork title, size and edition number if there are more than one. Each artwork is accompanied by the Certificate, which ensures both the integrity of the edition and the artist’s participation in its creation.

Q. 20.. What is a Certificate of Authenticity?
Ans.Our Certificate of Authenticity accompanies every LemonJuice artwork and limited edition art prints. It is a card that is signed by the artist or the print house and includes the artwork title, size and edition number. It ensures both the integrity of the edition and the artist’s participation in its creation.

Q. 21.What's an edition?
Ans.An edition is a limited run of a particular artwork and consists of a set number of prints in a set number of sizes. Once artwork is sold out, it will not be released again in that size. The artist is also bound by an agreement by this limitation and cannot sell more such prints.

Q. 22.Does LemonJuice art look exactly like the images we see online?
Ans.The colors you see on the screen depends on the quality of the picture taken by the artist and the quality of the screen you are using.
We work to ensure fidelity between the images you see online and our final art prints. While our screens are calibrated, meaning that they are regulated for color consistency and accuracy, most screens are not. Because of this, colors and tones can vary greatly between computers, so the art you receive may look slightly different than it did on your computer.

Q. 23.Who owns copyright or Creative Commons (CC) licenses on LemonJuice art?
Ans.The artist who created the image controls all rights. Copyright law states that copyright is not transferred to the buyers of either prints or original artworks.

Q. 24. Where else can I buy LemonJuice art?
Ans. Nowhere! The art you see on our site is sold exclusively for LemonJuice. We have special relationships with our artists, who give us the honor of presenting their exciting works to you.

Q. 25. Are all LemonJuice art prints available framed?
Ans.All sizes shown for sale are available both framed and unframed. We also have the possibility to print on several other substrates.

Q. 26.How is LemonJuice art prints framed?
Ans.Our hand-built, custom frames can be made either in solid wood or MDF.Archival white or colored mats are beveled and precision-cut to fit the artwork. We recommend at least 2â€Âł of matting on each side of the image ensures the artwork is optimally presented.
The matting style used for a particular artwork is identified on its edition page.Spacers are also used when “framing to image.” This means the frame comes to the image edge.Frames are fitted with durable plexiglass and finished on the back with tan craft paper, rubber spacers to protect your walls and wire for easy hanging and installation. A clear sleeve protects and presents your artist info slip and signed and numbered LemonJuice Certificate of Authenticity.

Q. 27. Are LemonJuice framing materials archival? Will my art prints be protected?
Ans.Yes! Our frames are conservation-quality, which means that your art prints are protected from deterioration and environmental factors such as air pollution, heat, light and humidity. From the mats to hidden elements like hinging tape and backing, all of the materials that come into contact with your art can be acid-free and archival—they will not damage, deteriorate or discolor your art. You choose it during the ordering of the framing.

Q. 28. Why do you use plexiglass in your frames?
Ans.Plexiglass is superior to glass: It has less glare, is less fragile (so it won’t break and scratch your art) and is markedly lighter, which generally translates into safer and easier handling, shipping, storage and hanging.

Q. 29. How are LemonJuice frames built?
Ans.Our frames are hand-built by expert custom framers who are committed to quality.

Q. 30. Are LemonJuice art prints ready to hang?
Ans.Yes. Each piece arrives with appropriate hanging system to allow for easy installation.

Q. 31. How should I hang my framed art?
Ans.A single artwork or a row of artworks is recommended to be hung at eye level, which means that the center point of the frame(s) should be between 57” (145 cm) to 59â€Âł (150 cm) from the floor. When installing artwork over furniture, leave at least 7” (18 cm) to 9â€Âł (23 cm) between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture. Avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight. One place to learn more about hanging and arranging art click here.

Q.32. How do I care for and clean my framed art?
Ans.The most important thing in caring for your framed art is to avoid hanging it in direct sunlight.To clean your framed art, follow these special instructions for plexiglass:Remove dust by blowing; DO NOT brush it away with your hand or a dry cloth, as this can damage the plexiglass. If further cleaning is needed, DO NOT use a common household cleaner like Windex or similar products that contain ammonia, as these cleaners will damage the plexiglass. Water and a soft, clean cloth should do the trick.
You may also use a cleaner especially designed for acrylic surfaces, or make your own solution by mixing warm water with a small amount of mild dish detergent. Use a minimum amount of your chosen cleaning liquid on a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the plexiglass clean. Dry gently with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Q.33. What if I'd like to frame my art myself?
Ans.You have a lot in information on the internet and videos in YouTube.
If you’re looking for the most affordable framing option, have the framers cut a custom mat for a ready-made frame. You can also have a completely custom frame and mat cut for your art, but this tends to get expensive. Our custom frames are of great quality and are available at very good prices.
You can see an example of a framing video by clicking here.

Q.34.What is the LemonJuice Newsletter?
Ans.Our newsletter is the best source for the inside scoop on new art and artists, sales and discounts, VIP events and everything else that goes on at LemonJuice. Sign up here.

Q.35. How do I sign up for the LemonJuice Newsletter?
Ans.Simply sign up here. Or you can opt in to receive the newsletter when you make a purchase.

Q.36.How often is the LemonJuice Newsletter sent out?
Ans.The LemonJuice Newsletter is distributed at least twice a month.
We also send newsletters other times, too, when we have important news to share with you.

Q.37. Can I unsubscribe from the LemonJuice newsletter?
Ans.Yes. We’re sad to see you go, but if you absolutely must, click through the “Unsubscribe me” link found at the bottom of any email you receive from us. We’re always working to refine and improve our communications with you, so if you have feedback you’d like to share, please be in touch.

Q.38. How can I contact LemonJuice?
Ans.Write us: contact@lemonjuice.com. Email is the best way to get in touch, but we’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr.
Your Customer Account

Q.39.Why should I create a LemonJuice account?
Ans.Creating a LemonJuice account ensures the fastest and easiest checkout possible—you won’t have to re-enter information like your name and address. While this will always save you time, having an account is especially handy when you are trying to purchase a new edition that is selling out quickly. Your LemonJuice account also allows you to see all of your past purchases in one place. If there are additional changes or improvements to account features that you’d like to see, please drop us a note at contact@lemonjuice.com.

Q.40.Do I have to create a LemonJuice account to purchase art?
Ans.No. We recommend creating an account to expedite your checkout process, but it is not required; you may make purchases as a guest.

Q.41.May I use LemonJuice artwork in books, websites, advertisements, film or tv sets?
Ans.All use or licensing arrangements are cleared with LemonJuice artists first, and then they may or may not be handled directly with a LemonJuice representative. Licensing fees will apply.

Q.42. I forgot my password—what do I do?
Ans.to reset your password click here.

Q.43 .How do I know my personal information is safe and secure?
Ans.Your privacy and the security of your account are of the utmost importance to us. We will never share or sell your personal information. Our checkout process uses Secure HTTP/SSL, so your personal details are always sent to our servers over a secure connection.

Q.44. Why doesn't the art I've purchased in the past appear in my order history when I log in?
Ans.Once you create an account, any art you order will be automatically added to your personal art collection. If you notice any discrepancies in your order history, please email us at support@lemonjuice.com.